Common Ground

  1. Common Ground

    Clockwise: Some of Common Ground’s high-quality residences for the formerly homeless, including The Brook (Bronx), The Times Square (Manhattan), The Schermerhorn (Brooklyn), and The Lee (Manhattan).

Helping a pioneering supportive housing organization create
new opportunities for New Yorkers in need

Since 1990, the nonprofit Common Ground has designed and built some 3,000
supportive housing units in New York, enabling more than 4,000 formerly hard-core street homeless to overcome homelessness. Geto & de Milly is proud of its role in Common Ground’s extraordinary success, providing effective messaging to educate communities and pre-empt NIMBY opposition, forging social connections between the formerly homeless and their new neighbors and enabling numerous projects to move forward.

Geto & de Milly secured millions in government funding for Common Ground’s housing construction and renovation projects and millions more for the installation of much-needed security cameras at two of the city’s largest public housing projects in Brooklyn. Our press conferences and media outreach celebrating Common Ground’s successes have generated positive coverage of groundbreakings, opening events and programmatic initiatives.

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