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Saving Live Music on Broadway

Few fans of Broadway musicals are aware that some producers want to replace live musicians with recordings and deny audiences a thrilling live musical experience. Geto & de Milly was called upon by the Council for Living Music and the nation’s largest musicians union branch, Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, to send a clear message to the Broadway League (representing producers and theatre owners) that replacing musicians with recordings cheats audiences of the unique, exciting sound of a live orchestra.

Geto & de Milly enlisted the support of music world luminaries and commissioned a nationwide poll of Broadway theatregoers that clearly demonstrated overwhelming audience support for live music on Broadway. Our firm created a compelling website and publicized it through online advertising and social media. We also wrote and produced a hard-hitting TV commercial, organized a musical demonstration in Times Square and generated sympathetic coverage on the front page of The New York Times’ Arts Section. These tactics resulted in heavy online traffic from 122 countries, tens of thousands of Facebook fans, and thousands of views on YouTube.

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