Emily Yeh

  1. Emily Yeh, 2017 summer intern

2017 Summer Intern

“My internship at Geto & de Milly was extremely engaging and such a rewarding experience. My work was incredibly substantive – whether collaborating with account executives or junior associates, the entire team was accessible and eager for my contributions. Assignments were highly varied from urban issues currently affecting New Yorkers to researching affordable housing to diving deep into the legislative process governing NYC sites currently navigating the public process of land use review. Clients varied, too, from the public sector to private companies to meaningful nonprofit organizations. This provided me the opportunity to learn the ropes of community affairs, media relations and government relations. Practically speaking, the guidance and feedback I received by my colleagues at Geto & de Milly has helped me to improve my communication skills and I have no doubt that the knowledge and skills I gained during my time with Geto & de Milly will be of immense value to me in the future.”

Emily attends Columbia University, where she is majoring in Political Science and History with a concentration in Business Management. Outside of her classes, she performs research on immigrant politics and teaches ESL. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend law school.

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