New York University

  1. New York University

Laying a foundation for an educational institution’s future

One of NYU’s greatest advantages—its location in New York City’s vibrant Greenwich Village and Union Square neighborhoods—is also one of its greatest challenges. In order to maintain its place among the top research universities in the world, NYU must secure sufficient space to enhance and expand its academic facilities despite a scarcity of suitable space in Manhattan and a demanding governmental land-use approval process.

Geto & de Milly played a key role on the team assembled by NYU to develop a multi-borough master plan—NYU 2031—and create strategies to win approval for a six million square-foot expansion of the University. Through the planning stage, our firm helped to ensure that every aspect of this framework for growth took into account the challenges of generating broad citywide support and overcoming pockets of local opposition. We worked closely with elected officials and community organizations to promulgate principles and guidelines for the University’s continued development and academic excellence.

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