Save Teen RAPP! Coalition

  1. Save Teen RAPP! Coalition

    Photo credit: David Oxhorn and Tracy J. Passarell

Restoring government funding to vital public school
anti-bullying program

When Teen RAPP (Relationship Abuse Prevention Program)—a school-based anti-violence and anti-bullying initiative reaching nearly 45,000 NYC public school students at 65 public middle and high schools in all five boroughs each year—was threatened with elimination from the City budget, the nonprofit “Save Teen RAPP!” Coalition called on Geto & de Milly to help restore $3 million in program funding.

Our firm reached out to media, organized rallies and created a website that gathered thousands of petition signatures in support of the program. We also initiated the “RAP 4 RAPP” competition, in which students composed raps about healthy relationships, generating extensive positive press. As the result of our organizing, outreach and media efforts, the City Council and Bloomberg Administration restored nearly $12 million in public funding over four fiscal years, allowing the program to continue its vital work.

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