Issue Advocacy / Coalitions

Geto & de Milly creates powerful issue advocacy campaigns that achieve positive results for nonprofit organizations and coalitions.

Our firm has long been known for its issue advocacy work on behalf of diverse causes and coalitions, including health care and arts-related advocacy campaigns, community alliances, gay and lesbian organizations, preservationists, tenant associations, veterans’ groups and transportation and environmental advocacy efforts. In championing our clients’ agendas, Geto & de Milly builds coalitions of stakeholders, creates grassroots and grasstops campaigns, educates policymakers and gains public support for issues and causes that achieve positive change.


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This “Save Teen RAPP!” rally on the steps of City Hall was produced by Geto & de Milly to highlight the need to restore funding for this effective public school anti-bullying program.
Photo credit: David Oxhorn and Tracy J. Passarella