Government Affairs

At Geto & de Milly we have a long, successful history of obtaining government approvals and achieving our clients’ public policy objectives, including:

  • Navigating the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure with outreach to local Community Boards, the New York City Planning Commission, Borough Presidents, the New York City Council, and the Mayor’s Office.
  • Obtaining government approvals from city, state and federal agencies responsible for granting licenses, variances, franchises and other approvals in all regulated arenas—from zoning and landmarking to health care, transportation, arts and cultural initiatives.
  • Securing city, state and federal government funding and incentives for non-profit organizations and businesses as well as educational, cultural and health care institutions—including capital and program allocations, grants, budget restorations, economic development and affordable housing incentives.
  • Educating policymakers and advocating for our clients’ legislative priorities at the city, state and federal levels. Our strategic campaigns include mobilizing grassroots and grasstops support to persuade key decision-makers to adopt or block legislation, regulations and policy.


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Geto & de Milly handles government affairs for our clients at the city, state and federal levels.