Julie Hendricks-Atkins, Public Affairs Advisor

Julie Hendricks-Atkins

Since joining Geto & de Milly in 2007, Julie Hendricks-Atkins has played a key role in crafting winning government, community and media outreach strategies for our clients. She has helped to guide high-profile real estate development projects through various government approval processes; obtained millions of dollars in government funding for our non-profit clients; and led policy and legislative advocacy campaigns on behalf of many broad-based coalitions. As a longtime, civically active resident of Brooklyn, Julie has strong relationships with elected officials and community stakeholders throughout the borough. She is similarly well-versed in issues affecting neighborhoods and local elected officials across the city, having forged close ties during her varied career in politics and government. Julie served as the Director for Information Services for the Democratic Conference in the New York State Senate; Chief of Staff to former New York State Assemblymember Jonathan Bing; Campaign Manager for former New York City Councilmember Jessica Lappin; and managed numerous political and issue campaigns throughout the country. Julie has a B.A. in Political Science from Oklahoma State University.