Tom Winquist, Associate

Tom Winquist, associate

With a background in political campaigns and issue advocacy, Tom delivers high-level research to inform client objectives and develop a successful strategy for Geto & de Milly clients across an array of sectors. Adept at quantitative and qualitative research techniques, Tom provides important data on projects involving New York land use governmental approvals, legislative tracking and advocacy, public policy research, community outreach, and media strategy.

Prior to joining Geto & de Milly, Tom was an associate with the Parkside Group, where he assisted with the development and execution of public polling and campaign strategy for advocacy clients and winning Democratic candidates at City, State and Federal levels. Tom has worked for the New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, where he collaborated with political teams to develop strategic communications plans, research reports, district analyses and media pitches for candidates and members of the NYS Senate Democratic Conference.

Tom works with a broad range of Geto & de Milly clients to help navigate the complexities and hurdles of politics, local government and the media landscape.